Sunday Tradition

Each Sunday, usually without fail for at least 3 years, we have had pancakes.  The Papa's vegan pancake recipe, which is reserved for a special few, is simply the best.  It also brings back so many memories from our single days (single as in no babes) in our first apartment where we hosted a pancake breakfast after a messenger event.

For us the tradition is simple:

The Papa slaves away for 30-40 minutes in the kitchen while we hang out.  One of the Babes sets the table with Lanark County maple syrup.  The first Babe is served.  Then the next.  They finish before the Papa and I get ours.  The Papa always gives me one first then I always offer half while the last is baking.  We sit and chat and then he rescues the last one, gives me some and we chat some more.  The Babes at this point are long gone.  Oh and yes, this is one of the only days of the week we get out the tea pot.  It is a silly tradition but one we look forward to.

What about you?  Any traditions?

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