10 Day Fast: Prep Post

Tomorrow I begin a 10 Day fast with my Apothecary Circle.  At first I was unclear and a little unsure if the fast was right for me, at this moment.  But after careful thought and reflection and  a week of self-doubt, I now more than ever have set myself up to endure that which I have tried before but never succeeded at.  My circle is full of supportive women to lean on and embrace my struggle.  I don't think I will be able to do this without them.  The fast will bring on, as noted by our teacher, an isolation and loneliness, a spiritual awakening, questions, purpose, rediscovery.

It is my goal to cultivate a sacred space within myself, my body, and my environment.

"Fasting is this beautiful and mysterious tool that clears out and opens space up wide"

First, may I ensure my followers, friends and families that this is not an extreme DIET.  Food is fuel in my eyes and when the body goes on a fast, your metabolism actually slows.  After discovering that I suffer from IBS I need a physical clean slate from which to begin.  I also know how easy it is for me to pick up a project, never to complete it again.  This is the project which I intend to complete.  Also, by focusing simply on this liquid fast (which I will outline below), I hope to bring to the surface emotions that may have been hidden by emotional eating.

Secondly, I will not only be fasting from food but from that which consumes all too much of my time:  pinterest, my favorite blogs, netflix, social media and facebook.  These have distracted me endlessly from my spirit, goals and creativity.  Hence I will not access them.


Physical Fast:

I will rely on juice, berry smoothies, dandelion and lemon ginger teas, miso soup and clean, fresh water for 10 DAYS.

Sacred Space Fast:

I plan to not indulge in the internet, specifically:  pinterest, my fave blogs, netflix, social media and facebook for 10 days.  I will however allow myself to answer emails from my account and blog in the evening after the Babes go to bed and only after writing an outline of what I wish to write about.  There will also be no Movies for my Babes in our household.

I feel strongly about sharing my experiences on my blog for my friends are my support and your encouragement will help me so much to accomplish that which I have failed so many times before.  Oh HOW I FEAR FAILURE!

My intention from the fast is to reconnect with my body and find a sacredness with myself and space.  I hope to open up my mind to possibility, creativity and soulfulness.  Please recognize my desire to be kind to my body and mind and support me on this journey.

xoxo The Mama

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