Dear Babes: 5 Months Reflection on the Life of Littlest Babe

Dear Littlest of Babes on Your Fifth Month on Earth,

Your warm body stays close to me all night.  You gently cry, requesting milk.  I, sleep deprived, extend a finger for you to hold as you squeak in milky enjoyment, eyes still closed.  

Each morning I am so blessed to wake to your smile.  

Joy. Spirit. Love. Milk. Repeat.

Daylight arrives and with it comes much enthusiasm from you.  The day will bring closeness, comfort, love, laughter and play.  You delight!  As your sisters play, your excitement ignites.  A smile comes across your face, your toes twinkle and you begin to propel forward.  They notice this and instantaneously leave all that was previously attaining their attention.  Their moments of greatest pleasure derive from you.

Milestones.  Bittersweetness.

This past month we have seen much growth in you.  Emotionally, you were none to ever waver.  Joyous and spirited.  However, emerging teeth have made many nights difficult.  Your eyes become tired, your frustration supersedes any hope you may have of relief.  Onesies become drenched in drool. Mama cries.  You seek solace in my embrace.  Light from the dark outside, peering in through our window comforts, if only for a moment.

Sitting is nothing but a nuisance.  There exists no greater challenge than the reclining position.  You desperately want to jump, stand, rock.  A unit, that I can only describe as a playtime pod, holds you upright while you attempt to lunge at the happenings of the Eldest Babes.  

Jump for Jolly.

We acknowledge the greatness of these feats and your desire for emergence.

You see...you are our last Babe.  All that you do, is the last that we will bear witness to.  There is a slight bitterness but there is such a preciousness and re-ignition in our spirits to preserve and cherish that which we will never hold again.  

So, my love, do all that you may in your time.  Slowly or quickly, we will all be waiting in the midst, in awe, in the present, absorbing all that you encompass and treasuring the gift that is you.


The Mama

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