Self Portrait Challenge

Each year The Papermama does a portrait challenge.  She is amazing and beautiful.  But it upsets me that a comment from one person has lingered in her heart.  Let's concentrate on those that lift us up and let's make one of those people ourselves.

I am perfect because of the beauty I see in that which many would consider flawed.

a bigger than thou nose
stretch marks that look like stems of flowers that emerged through the creation of my Violet Dahlia Mayfair
eyes that are blind that get to emerge beautifully behind vintage specs
wrinkled hands from exposure to nature, love, water
awkward bangs cut by me because I had the desire to just do it....because
endless rants when infused with caffeine
curled toes from exercising my right to move
slightly yellowed teeth from enjoying my tea bliss
a grey hair, well two, that highlights my wisdom and experience from living
facial scars from a run-in with a vicious dog as a child...i survived and am reminded of my will to live

Tell me that which makes you most beautiful....because YOU ARE!!


Obsessing over…
LP Tokyo Sunrise...my new fave artist.  Please watch here.
Working on…
the blog.  Organizing the features, photoshoots, content.  I want it to be focused and epic
SPRING, gardens, festivals, getting an emerald modcloth bather.
Listening to…
The sound of the refrigerator
Orange juice from concentrate
there was 4 more free hours in the day

xoxox  The Mama


  1. The reflection of my kiddos in my eyes :)

  2. Beautiful photos you of! I think your first one is my favorite1


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