WELLNESS JOURNEY: Post 1 When One Cannot Sleep

When One Cannot Sleep....

*  she distracts herself with Zombie shows
*  she noshes on vegetarian wraps
*  she dwells on a comment her Eldest of Babes said that tore her heart apart
*  she thinks the unnecessary amounts of coffee that flows through her veins
*  she turns to other blogs to find ideas that never become reality
*  she thinks of time wasted, and yet again wastes more time

The past few weeks I have not felt lost but overwhelmed.  There simply are not enough hours in a day to complete all the tasks that I have foolishly set forth for me.  The evidence lies in a journal that I have created called "The Book of Endless Life Tasks and To Dos".  My days are spent looking after the little  lives of the Babes, and it fulfills a huge part of me, but there are parts that aren't being fulfilled, some just ignored.

My friend Christine posted this evening about distraction and losing sight of the purpose and motive behind her blog.  It resonated, because I too have been guided, as of late, by the creative blogs of others and a desire to have more "hits".  There is an honesty that is lost and I generally feel strong urges to sometimes just close the blog all together or completely revamp.

The Sponsor Page is now obliterated.  More positive transformations to come.


I am working towards the above and hence this first post on Wellness.

Firstly, there are things I need to WORK ON...ASAP:

  1. My eating habits:  Having disordered eating habits in the past, it is easy to fall into them when you are pressed for time and looking for a quick energy fix, as well as put on the pressure (by self) to look a certain way after Babe.  I have discovered, after gaseous bursts, that the Babe does not adore certain aspects of my regime (please NOTE that I am not using the word beginning with D and containing the word DIE because that is just what they contribute to - DEATH).  My body has reacted poorly to any form of Dairy and Macrobiotics and whole foods have been screaming my name, and I want to respond.  
  2. Balance:  A general term for allowing both my creative, calming, and active pursuits to meld as one.  
  3. Cleaning out the Head Space
  4. Being the Best Mama

To Begin I plan on doing a 7 day cleanse, to happen after my birthday.  I feel that the cleanse will really test me and bring out emotions that I have been holding back.  

AFFIRMATIONS and NATURE need to be a part of my daily existence.  

This evening, as I sit in front of the computer as the Mess sleeps, I begin my JOURNEY of WELLNESS.  Inspired by the recent decision of my sister to take up Yoga Teacher Training and my deeply soulful friend Christine and my own feelings of self-worth, I promise to work towards BALANCE.

For now, I post these links that I am loving now and hope you follow as I work towards bettering myself, The Mess, my relationships all while experience TRUTH, LOVE, and PEACE.


  1. This is beautiful Crystal! Our special box is halfway there and I have the most LOVELY book for you called Simple Abundance (you begin on jan.1st and read a page a day) xoxoxo Thank you for your support Love Love Love

  2. I am so excited...Did you notice the comment from the avid follower? Pretty awesome. Love ya and we need to physically get together


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