Vegan MoFo Day 8: Canadian Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pie and Chumpcakes


 Well I must confess that completing the cupcake list has been difficult but I am still up to the challenge. There was one day where I was completely out of commission due to an infection - nothing to worry about.  There was another day where the hormones of being a new Mama for the third time combined with the lack of hours in a day collided to leave me a mess.  Then there was the day when I actually completed one of my cupcake to-dos and my little family took it upon themselves to devour the deliciousness while I napped (So no photograph for that day but I can tell you they were tasty and maple).

But my Vegan MoFo was rejuvenated with the best of all holidays:  Tofurkey Day!  At least one day in the weekend, the Papa and our family (mine through love and marriage and his through biology) gather to share in the vegan goodness.  Although the Papa's parents aren't vegans they make the entire spread vegan for their 5 granddaughters, children and their spouses.  It is absolutely divine.  The Papa always makes the most delicious of pumpkin pies.  I contribute a stove-top stuffing and cranberry sauce.  The Honourable El makes the most amazing Double Chocolate Chip Cookies whose recipe can be found here.  (NOTE:  if you want to experience transcendence MAKE THESE COOKIES!!!!)

This year we gathered on the Saturday and it was marvellous.  The cousins play so well together.  Each takes on a role based on their birth ages and they simply enjoy!  The second generation (we) get to chat with each other and catch up on the small or big changes in our lives.  It is a chance to reconnect and laugh and share.  The G-units get to watch the magic happen and usually let us all experience the best of everything.

On the Sunday:

We went for an amazing hike in the woods and noshed on pumpkin pie, stuffing and samosas on a cliff overlooking a small town.  It is so nice to see the autumn leaves from the sky.

On this day:

We enjoyed the weather with a bike ride and a park jaunt.  We spent the afternoon making more Tofurkey-liciousness and I completed the Chumpcakes (or Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cupcakes).  These cupcakes share a special place in our hearts because I made about 100 of these suckers for our wedding on Halloweeny 2 years ago (which can be viewed here).


  1. I get so frustrated with Capthas. I never read them right and lose the comment. This is a shortened, take 2. I had my first vegan dinner this year and it was great.

  2. Thanks for visiting our little mess Ray! I too have yet to completely figure out this blogworld. It leads to many failed attempts at my annoying and unasked for anonymous comments.


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