Lately: Funny Faces and Pipecleaner Crowns


Playing:  I have had the urge to blog but have been preoccupied making halloween crafts, amazing food, funny faces and silver pipe cleaner princess crowns.  We recently returned to playgroup for crafting and our fave facilitator.

Thinking:  About how amazing it is for a child to imagine.  We painted rocks white and painted ghost faces on them.  A cereal box was converted to a fairy house and the ghosts played and played.  Stories that we have told and listened too have contributed to the stories they have created.  A week ago the Eldest of Babes designed finger puppets, put up playbills and put on a show for me which incorporated so many elements of amazing stories.  I tried hard not to smile but it was amazing.

Crafting:  Halloween, birthdays and Holiday time is upon us and I am a busy bee working away.  I have also started my Sketchbook Project 2012.

Exploring:  My self, mind and relationships with my Babes.

Eating:  Amazing Vegan Food because I have discovered that anything but makes me ill.

xoxox  The Mama

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