Hallow's Eve Plans

The Babes and I have been working hard to bring together a truly haunting Hallow's Eve.  Our lesson books are full of pumpkin stickers and the house covered with the macabre.  We spent the better part of a morning cutting cardstock bats via Dana Made It.

This Mama plans to complete several of her tutorials (as pictured below - all sourced images from the above link):

Halloween also happens to be the 2nd year Wedding Anniversary for the Papa and I.  I have been searching for some interesting vegan dinner ideas for such an occasion.

These lovely vegan ladies have some recipes I am dying (hehehe) to try:

Mama et de bebe Hawk and her Butternut Squash Spiced Doughnuts
Fork & Beans is dishing up a Halloween themed Vegan Mofo!  Frightfully delicious.

xoxo  The Mama


  1. Looks fantastic! So far we just have a spider hanging on our door.


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