Several days ago I turned 31.  It was such a year of self-discovery.  Fully immersed as a mama to three amazing babes, together we have found a rhythm to our day which I cherish deeply.  As each day passes I feel truly blessed that I have been given these amazing blessings and that we mutually affect each other with our love and world perspectives.  Their simplicity, honesty and purity is infectious and calming.

While my babes and I blossomed greatly, other relationships withered.  As time passed an understanding of myself developed and strengthened and I am no longer willing to accept the mediocrity of unsupportive friendships.  If I give my full heart and support, unwavering, I deserve the same.

The year had its hardships.  A group that I had become involved in fell apart. But we forged through as a group, created our own sacred space where women uplift, love, light and learn.  I am eternally grateful to the ladies in this group for in many of my darkest hours I turned to them.  Their brilliance magnified my own.

In other news, I am still working towards answering health questions.  My symptoms have subsided for the time being but I am anxious and positive about he outcome.

The papa and I decided that we will pursue homeschooling with our babes.  The hesitance which surrounded this decision was propelled by my fault in letting others' judgment into my head.  But I have since found an amazing network of fellow unschoolers and we couldn't be more happy with our decision.  Our babes have been happier as well.

It was basically a year full of ebbs and flows, highs and lows, but I prevailed.  

To my babes who make my life amazing, thank you.  Your joy becomes mine and your little lives are so big.  You are the most important beings and I will continue to honour that.  

There are 7 Cardinal Rules of Life that I have followed well this year and I hope for them to govern my life indefinitely:

1. Make peace with your past so it won't disturb your present

2.  What other people think of you is none of your business

3.  Time heals almost everything.  Give it time.

4.  No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

5. Don't compare your life to others. 

6. Stop thinking too much.

7.  Smile

Good night universe, friends, loves. 
I feel very honoured to have experienced such a year of self-discovery. 



  1. Happy 31st year of being, beautiful lady! Two years ago I came to the end of a 15-year friendship...it's taken this long for me to come to terms with it, and even then, it still seeps into my dreams every now and then. It boils down to knowing yourself, and what's in your best interest in this journey, and I commend your courage for being able to let go.

    And what wisdom! I couldn't agree more.


  2. I really loved this post, and I stared at your Instagram feed with my jaw dropped. The girls and your new home look so wonderful. I can't wait for our next visit. Much love Crystal.


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