My loves.  I feel as though it has been an eternity since I wrote to you from my heart.  Sometimes the pace of life sweeps away the moments of remembering to pause, reflect, share.  These precious days are filled with so much.  Reading, creating, nourishing, loving, establishing and re-working our rhythm.

There is such a calm to our day.  We all are able to marvel in each other and really connect because there exists no pressure to do and be without an expected transition.  Inhale.  Exhale. Repeat. 

The structure of our day is so simplistic but filled with such joy.  Making breakfast is my favourite part of the day.  While you sit at the table doing an activity or hurry down the stairs dressed in your ballet best, I prepare a morning feast of sorts.  To know that I am providing your first bit of energy is really fulfilling.  We sit and eat together.  The conversation is quiet but we are together.  

Immediately we head outdoors.  It is here where I begin to see your spirits set free and minds fill with possibilities.  We venture.  The day continues in such a manner.  Learning and loving, always along the way.

Now, when the rhythm loses its flow it is felt by all.  A sick babe is upset and needs time.  A mama who loses patience and ill herself, needs a pause to reflect.  Mama nature abrupt changes can throw us all into upheaval.  

Let us promise to continue to love each other.  Embrace each other even when the walls are confining.

In several days, we welcome two amazing babes into our home and further into our lives.  Let us welcome them and intertwine our rhythm with theirs.  The outcome will be magnificent.

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