She is beautiful.  She illuminates and lingers.  She chases you on long drives.  Always there, I feel she protects.  She houses the warmth of our closest star and reflects it back to our bodies to be absorbed by our hearts.  She is a goddess.

My relationship with Her has evolved.  As a child she mystified.  As a teen she was a beacon of literary influence and inspiration.  Many a poem and deep thought came to fruition with her strong, full presence.  As a young adult in university she was my companion on late study nights.  She comforted and consoled.

I drifted, although she remained, as I maneuvered my way through motherhood.  It wasn't until this past year that we revisited.  

With the birth of the littlest babe, personal reflection was minimized.  In the throws of loving, I at times, forgot to love myself.  In the wakeful nights, I found myself being reminded to just breathe.  Dressed in my favourite Aztec blue poncho, I would creep out to our iron fire escape and stare in awe.  A conversation would begin from my end.  Staring and spilling my inner most thoughts, She remained still and silent.  I felt heard although no words were spoken.  It was with She that I discovered myself again.

It is absurd to assume that She is real and has supernatural abilities to speak to me, but Her spirit lifted mine and for that I honour.  To know that each being on Earth can look up and speak to Her creates such a joy in my heart.  She connects.  She embodies life.  Without her water does not shift.  Her gravitational pull moves oceans and undoubtedly, us being mainly composed of l'eau, how can one not be moved by Her.

I honour her on this full moon because as I get older her effects have become more noticeable and fill me with a love and positivity that I need to express gratitude for.  

So while I dream, thank you for watching wake fully in my lace covered windows.


  1. I love this. I have such gratitude for her as well, and she is such a calming, peaceful force in my life.

  2. Oh, wow. I swear, I could have easily wrote parts of this post, myself. I believe in Her 100%. She is my Goddess. In my personal beliefs, she IS real, and we CAN talk. I follow her, I worship her. I feel protected by her. I feel grateful for her. Jen and I have watched Her glow. Jen is my one and only, and I am thankful that our Goddess watches over us both, and all of Her children. <3 Blessed Be.


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