WELLNESS JOURNEY: Attaining Wellness through Small Changes

I am one to embrace beauty in all shapes and sizes.  I adore my body, truly, I do.  It has changed through life's seasons.  In my youth I was mostly tomboy with a hint of nerd.  As a young adult I was ever so busy with studies but loved working out and athleticism.   Now as a mama of three, my sagging parts are a reminder of my lack of time and devotion to becoming a vessel for life.

I relish in these changes however I miss moving my body in a challenging way.  I love running and being able to do this without being out of breath or strained.  I want to be that athlete I was again and for the rest of my life.  I want to live fit.

I will be implementing many changes over the course of the next several months that I hope to incorporate into my daily living for always.  Tomorrow I begin with small eating changes that will help (re)nourish my body.

These small changes will be implemented in 3 week stages.  Once a change has been implemented it remains throughout now and forever.  I do understand that I am human and willpower has always been a difficult thing of mine, so I have allowed myself no feelings of guilt.

Changes to Implement:

1.  Stop Eating After 8 PM
2.  Replace Coffee with Green Tea
3.  Drink at least 1.5 litres of water each day.
4.  Eat Breakfast within an hour of waking up
5.  No more soy
6.  Go Vegan (Those who follow the blog realize that throughout my pregnancies I have reverted back to non-veganism and although 90% of my diet is vegan, I know that propelling myself to the full veganism is the healthiest best choice for me)
7.  No Sugar.
8.  No Junk Food.
9.  No Bread.

Any changes that you might suggest to implement would be awesome?  Any that you are thinking of implementing?  What small changes do you wish to make?

Love to All,

The Mama


  1. I'm happy that you're implementing changes to your diet again. They may be small, but they will eventually lead to big changes. You already pointed out that you loved working out while you were younger, so I know that you can take these changes with disciple. Just go slowly; the next thing you know is that you're healthier than before. Good luck, Crystal!

  2. Thank you so much! You don't understand how inspiring and honoured I feel when people leave supportive messages on my blog!


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