BLOGGER JOURNEY: Am I Ready To Begin My Journey?

Yes.  Yes I am.

But where do I start.

This blog began as a way to share with family the happenings of the Eldest Babe.  As the years progressed it became an outlet for me to share my inner most workings.  I now want to look at this blog as a business venture for my soul and life.

It has been a mega journey for me.  It began with my babes, but now I want it to propel me with inspiration for my family, my readers and my soul.  I want to share that which makes me happy.

Food.  Raising and Loving Vegan Babes (including the Papa).  Amazing Photography.  Style Posts.  Tattoos.  Cycle Chic.  Crafts.  Environmentalism.  Earth Loving.  Mama Embracing.  Baby Styling.  Art.  Homeschooling.

If only one day I could be as successful as the ladies I follow each day:  Elsie, Kelli, James, Katie, Savannah, and Casey.

Each day I am drawn to their blogs and for good reason.  Their photographs are stunning.  DIYs galore.  Personal Style.  I have a few followers which I feel so lucky to have.  They are mainly supportive friends.  But the few who have really attached to me, I appreciate you every time I log on and see a comment.

My blog is at present being redesigned by a graphic designer and her stuff is so amazing.  It is almost ready for relaunch and I am super excited.  I think it is just the refreshing thing I need to get my blog to where I have wanted it to be.

Elsie offers an e-course in Blog Love for Bloggers.  Her sections covered are basically things that I need to figure out:


source of Blog Love E-Course and Image

Once the blog is complete I plan to work diligently to bring you better photographs, more DIYs, a look at the vegan lifestyle with my Babes and art.

But in the meantime, here are posts this week that have inspired me:

5 Favorite POSTS to INSPIRE:

*  Dana of The Wonder Forest writes Everything I learned about Blogging, I learned in Kindergarten.  is a self-made woman with a highly popular blog.  I read up on her posts to help inspire and figure things out.  It is nice to hear about the successes.
* She also writes 7 Tips for Working at Home
* Kelli Murray, my distant blogger friend wrote has a cool DIY: Batik
*  This little family is selling all their possessions to live in their Mobile Home
*  Find out how to make your own milk in Chickpea Magazine

WHAT INSPIRES YOU?  Oh Do tell!  I love hearing about people, their interests, their loves and their dreams?  Inspire me.

xo The Mama

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Steps 1-6 are just the kind of structure us Vata gals need ;) Can't wait to see the fresh new inspiration! I am mostly inspired by A Beautiful Mess, and I love me some 'free people blog' ! xo


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