Summer Reading List

As a goal for this week I plan to write several lists.  The first is the Summer Reading List 2012.  Before we know it summer will arrive and leave and I would love to get some reads in also before the Littlest Babe arrives.

As I love our library and I am not into purchasing a book that I have yet to read, I have placed some books on reserve.  They will be the Summer Reading List:

1.  The Hunger Games.  The Papa mentioned that he was really interested in this read so we decided to read it together.  We will have our own little book club.  How fun!

2.  The Jane Austen Book Club.  As I was telling my friend Jacqueline, "I have yet to read a Jane Austen!".  Then I realized that I did happen to read Pride and Prejudice but I haven't caught the Austen bug as many others have.  Maybe this book will open my mind and heart to the well-loved writer.

3.  World War Z.  In anticipation of a zombie apocalypse...nuf said!

4.  The Paris Wife:  A Novel.  The premise seems vaguely like Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris.  And I like anything Woody Allen (movie making that is) so I will give this a try.

5.  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.

6.  The Great Gatsby.

Although almost all books on my list have been made or will be made into movies, I have not seen them nor did they have any effect on my book choosing.  You see we don't have cable so I really haven't been into the buzz of movies for sometime.

Here is to a fun summer of reading!

What is on your summer list?

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