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Danielle from Sometimes Sweet, a tattoed mama blogger, comme moi, has a Currently Feature which I quite love.  I thought I would give it a try to put some self-reflection into my Monday.

Reading: Where to begin.  My friend passed along an amazing read called "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.  If you don't believe heavily in the universes influence and the power of your thought then it isn't for you but I have found it quite motivating.  It is helping to rid myself of the negative self-talk that accompanies my everyday.  I really should sit down and write a summer reading list though.  The opportunity for independent time will soon take a back seat when the Littlest of the Babes arrives in early fall.

Watching: The season finale of Once Upon a Time.  The magic in Storybrooke has returned.  I can't wait for it to pick up again.  The Papa and I, after the Babes head to sleep will settle down into the movie Away We Go.  It starts John Krasinski and Mia Rudolf from SNL.  If you are a mom or expectant mom you will so get this.  

Thinking about: The Littlest Babes arrival and how much I would like to accomplish.  We had such a scare this past week and knowing how healthy she is has inspired me to eat healthier for the duration of the pregnancy.

Anticipating: everything!  The Littlest Babes arrival, summer, gardening, drawing, prospects, future, life.  I don't know what to say except I am pretty overjoyed and elated.

Listening to: the pages of the Papa's book as he sits quietly, patiently beside me.

Eating: tofu spinach samosa and salt and vinegar chips with a side of pomegranate cherry juice. We are working as a family at eliminating soy but pregnancy cravings kick in at night and sometimes I just have to give in.

Working on: myself...always.  And the elimination of coffee.  I had a huge headache hit in the afternoon today and realized that I needed a soy moccacino on ice.  Bad news.  So I am on a delete caffeine kick.  This week I will have a cup a day and then the following week add decaf.  I will meddle with the ratios until it becomes a fully decaffeinated cup.  So sad but so necessary.  These headaches are killer.

Wishing: I could somehow have every moment in the day to do something productive.  But legs are sore, headaches persist and baby is coming and growing regardless.

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