19 Week Baby Bump and It's a....

Well...before I get to that, let me tell you about the day.  The Papa and the Eldest Babe woke at the crack of dawn to finish a masonry project.  The Littlest and I awoke to a quiet house, practically a first.  It was a bit odd for her to be without her sister and it upset her a little, but she quickly realized that she had alone time with Mama, another first, and we relished in it.  We talked, we danced, we hung out.

The worker bees finally arrived home so we could rush into the car and race to a midwife appointment. The Babes were left on the doorstep of the G-unit house (Grandpa was waiting), as we raced.  We got lost on the way but finally we made it.  It was a wonderful appointment.  Our midwife is amazing and I discussed some issues I was having as well as the birth faery.  She eased my mind.

After that appointment we raced to another appointment...the morphology ultrasound.  We would find out the sex of the baby.  Time was running out on the meter, so the Papa left briefly to fill our time, while I headed to the room.  He arrived shortly after the technician had checked out the brain and arms of the Babe.  The ultrasound technician is absolutely amazing.  She is vocal, playful, intelligent, thorough and sweet.  The Babe twinkled its toes and crossed its legs, placed its thumb on its nose with fanned fingers almost to say..."Na. Na. Na. Na. Boo. Boo. Try and catch an image of me."

We saw the chambers of the little heart, an amazing spine, eyes.  It was so amazing and human.  Although I have been through this before nothing compares to the ultrasound when you discover the sex because it becomes a reality that yes, a beautiful being is on board.  They will arrive in 4 and 1/2 months time and you will care for them.  The responsibility and thought is overwhelming a little.  But now I can look forward without trepidation and concentrate on the arrival of the Babe...a Babe who is a GIRL!!!

Yes!!! We are adding more estrogen to this family.

The news is still settling for me.  I had somehow convinced myself that there was a boy in my belly.  And although having a girl seemed a bit less daunting to me, I still had that possibility lingering in my mind.  This is decidedly our last pregnancy so there are many emotions that I am feeling today.  Regardless, when I looked up at the prompter and saw the most healthy babe, I was so overjoyed and happy that we have been blessed by the universe with another being.

The Papa and I, after this big discovery, headed out to a cooking store to get some ramekins, white bowls and a goldfish cookie cutter.  We have been holding onto a credit at the store from our wedding and needed bowls desperately.  So we cashed in.

From there we ventured to a vegetarian bakery for slices of pizza and then to a cute store to pick up a gift for our niece (Hello Kitty themed) and an item to break the news of the sex of the baby to our family.  We settled on a rubber duck.  Although we aren't one to follow the typical pink is for girl and blue is for boy in our home, we did today.  We wrapped a pink ribbon around the duck's neck and when no one was looking I snuck to the back to place it in the pond.  It drifted waiting to be discovered.

Once it was, it was happiness all around.  It was nice.  I later called my sister.  Although I could sense surprise in her voice, because how could one person possibly give birth to three girls, it quickly turned to congratulations and an offering of baby girl clothes.

All I can say is we are overjoyed, happy and full of love for this baby.  And now I get to create some baby crafts.

Love to all,

The Mama

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