Happy Mother's Day

My mother's day was just as I wanted: simple, quiet and full of special moments.  Although I feel that becoming a mother has been the most monumental, defining role of my life, and one that I feel society should acknowledge more readily, I also feel strongly about having a day infused with my Babes.  After all, my role would not exist if it were not for their spirited arrivals.  I want my day to be shared and to flow without force.

This day is also poignant for it celebrates the growing babe in my belly.  We had a scare this past week about her development which resulted in an unscheduled ultrasound.  The evening before the ultrasound I had a serious panic attack.  I could not breathe.  It felt as though my chest was collapsing and my heart was going to burst.  I just wanted to throw up.  I also could not have the Babes around me.  It made it too difficult to think about the babe in my belly with their warm, spirited selves clinging tightly to my side in bed.  I was a mess.  All in all, we were reassured that the Littlest of Babes is developing amazingly.  So on this day, I am very thankful to be blessed with another babe to add to my resume of mom.

All in all the day went pretty much like this:

*  sleep in
*  poster size abstract representations (think paint, sparkles, feathers, and pasta noodle) of our garden
*  soy moccaccino on ice with tea bisquit
*  The Eldest Babes first major bike ride
*  potato picnic in our community garden
*  nap
*  frolic in the park
*  country drive as the sun set

Good night to the mother's out there.  Hope you had a wonderful day!

xoxoxo The Mama

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  1. Though each situation is unique, I can empathize with your feelings!! Sometimes technological advances just adds to pregnancy stress, but it can also assuage fears. I hope you got the reassurance you need and can once again bask in the wonderfulness of pregnancy!!


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