Our Easter

Easter for us isn't a religious holiday but one that focuses on getting together with the family and friends.  We have an amazing and delicious brunch and just hang out with each other.  The morning is filled with a hunt prepared by the Easter Bunny.  Throughout the year the Babes get very few treats.  They are limited to holidays and birthdays.  Even on our celebrated holidays, the gifts are few but well thought out by the gift giver.

I get a special kick out of Easter especially because it also represents new life, colour, and endless crafts!  The girls and I blew up balloons and covered them with glue and tissue paper.  Once dried we popped them to create giant stain-glassed eggs to leave on the couch to possibly be filled with treats.

The morning of the hunt was awesome.  The Eldest Babe had a blast discovering eggs on her first hunt and was kind enough to share with her sister, who was more concerned with eating as much chocolate as possible.  Each girl received a craft or puzzle, a stuffy, a kaleidoscope stamper and a finger puppet.  It was simply fun and appreciated!  It is nice to see the excitement in your children's eyes.

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