16 Week Baby Bump

Pregnancy has been pretty good lately.  Occasionally I get all-day long headaches (days in a row) and I need to rest every several hours.  The way the Littlest of the Babes (well all my babes) sits and moves my internal organs has put pressure on my left lower side.  It means that you may find me throughout the day preparing meals with a raised leg on a counter, standing like a flamingo or blogging with a leg resting on a pillow.  I know as the pregnancy continues my leg will continue to be in more pain and become more zombie like.  Sounds cool but after the birth I'll be looking into surgery and a new tattoo to cover it up.  Bittersweet!

I have a feeling my iron is really low.  The feeling is so recognizable after years of being anemic.  There is tiredness but an extreme zombie-like feeling.  It also puts me in a depressing kind of mood and contributes to my lack of motivation.  To combat, I've been taking a liquid supplement daily and have upped my vegan food intake and have been creating "The Ultimate Feel Good Smoothie" with a Vega Whole Food Optimizer.

In other news, we are looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby.  I personally do not like surprises and like to start a connection with the Littlest of the Babes.  It has been difficult to wrap my head around having a little boy.  Although growing up being a girl who was equally obsessed with fashion and lathes, JEM and Star Wars Figurines, dancing and sports, it is hard for me to think of a boy because I had only a sister and my girls are a set of sisters.  I understand that relationship.  Being the boy born to two older sisters is a lot different that being the eldest boy with two younger sisters.  I have also never played with little boys.  My child rearing has been entrenched in little girls.

Regardless, we are so lucky to be blessed with another Babe and they are and will be loved truly.  But when any family is adding a new member to the family there are some worries about how the new member will work into the existing family and how others will adjust.  I have every confidence in my ability to do this job although I also realize the task we are taking on with rearing 3 Babes under 4.

Our names have come along and if we have a little girl it is pretty nailed down.  Who knew coming up with a little boys name was so difficult?

Also, in taking a note from Danielle from Sometimes Sweet :

Obsessing over:

Chef Chloe.  She is this cute little vegan chef I found while searching the web.  She has really inspired me to go fully vegan again or at least incorporate some new recipes into our week.

Working on:

Painting our kitchen cupboards and sketching an apron design for a contest.

Thinking about:

The Universe.


The ultrasound in 2 weeks.

Listening to:

Deadmau5 "Raise Your Weapon" feat Lights.  The Juno performance was awesome and I think I might like Lights now.


well sipping on a French Vanilla Latte from Timmy's.  I didn't realize they increased the size of their cups.  I felt like I was at Starbuck's and it was not a good feeling.  I just wanted my SB Tall-Sized French Vanilla.


I had just one full day by myself so I could shower, workout, clean the house, read, make an amazing dinner, plan my week, come up with an amazing activity for the girls and rejuvenate.


  1. I love that you're pregnant again, even though i wish pregnancy would give you an easier time for once!!!

    I feel the same way, but about little girls. Even though I would love to have a girl, I'm just so much more comfortable with boys... (I've NEVER changed a baby girl's diaper!!)

    But they are our babies and we love them, no matter what their sex may be!

  2. Thanks Marlene...you also need to teach me how to put an accent on your name btw. Mostly I wrote this post because often times I feel ridiculed for expressing a preference for one sex over the other. I know for so many people they would be so blessed to even have a child and I feel sooo lucky to have been blessed with 3 but at the same time, I fear the unknown. I think that is normal and shouldn't be judged.


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