To start off my do something project I decided that as a family we were going to get together and decorate a box to fill with 2014 mementos and that it would also house a list of the things we would like to accomplish as a family.

You will need:

- any box with a lid (my sister gifted me some body shop items in a cute little box so I just used that)
- glue
- art supplies
- adornments
- scissors

I suggest setting out all the supplies pre-crafting.  We find it helpful for the babes just so that we can control the mess.  

Getting work is fun.  We decided to collaborate but you may want to choose spaces, particular themes, a word that you want to emulate (togetherness, love, learning, kindness).

After everything is put on work on the list of to dos.  This could be as lengthy as you like or as short, the idea is to work together.  The babes did specific goals and we decided on specific activities that come to mind:

-family volunteering
-get records for each of us
-camping overnight
-osheaga music festival

 I hope everyone is having an amazing new year this far and stay tuned for more somethings.


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