The end of year is approaching and instead of looking back and analyzing that which did not happen, I instead am going to choose to look at my experiences, take that which I have hopefully learned and run with it.

The biggest challenge for me this year was an illness and everything that surrounds that.  Whatever it is (as it is still undiagnosed), I spend a lot if my life tired, with migraines, physical pain.  It has left me out for the count most days.  In many ways it angers me how much of life I lose because of this.  Moments full of joy with the babes.  Time with friends.  Mostly, it has left me feeling very unsupported and surrounded by a lack of understanding.  It hurts when people don't check in on you, ask how you are doing or consider it an excuse to avoid social outings.  Unfortunately, I feel like friends have slipped away.  In this time I know it is important to be strong and positive and I am so fortunate to the Papa for understanding, helping and loving and to those few who do ask how things are.  

most days I feel like a shell of my former energetic, artistic and athletic self.  But this year I plan to "Do Something".

This year I am embarking on a personal project, not encouraged or inspired by others or a desire to fill blog posts.  It is a project that I hope will lift my spirits and help me find balance and happiness.  I call it Do Something.

Each and every day I am going to do something: baking, designing, art, walking, reading, SOMETHING.

It is a test to myself to push through the physical pain and lethargy to regain spiritual happiness.  In the near future, I am positive that me and my health care providers will discover the root of my issues but I cannot stand the anguish of waiting.  So to 2014...my year of doing something.
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  1. Happy New Year! Here's to Doing Something (such a wonderful idea!). <3


  2. I'm glad you shared this. It struck a chord. I wish you all the best in figuring things out and regaining your healthy, energetic self. You have an adorable family by the way!


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