When I was a young girl and teenager, I was truly obsessed with my nails.  I loved having them long...Rihanna long. There are vivid memories of going to my aunt's house and her giving me a mani.  The filing, the care, the attention to detail and a moment for yourself.  

Remember the late 90s French tips?  The fad most of us loved?  Then Hard Candy became popular and I became obsessed too.  Colour.  Flecks of gold.  Designs.  Today there are adornments, shape trends and instagram feeds.

Now nail art is a fun art form but obviously I have little time to sit or even book an appointment to have someone fuss over me.  But I can head to Target and pick up a polish that exudes glitter and gold and makes me feel like I'm a goddess for a few moments until it starts to peel and the reality of getting my hands dirty on the daily reminds me that these nails are happy grimy too.

Go out and get adorned!  Your fingers will thank you as they so daintily flip the pages of that 400 page novel you've settled into ("Uh Mama!  I need you?"....right, real life)

As a side note, I have yet to have a vegan polish that works well.  Do any of you have any suggestions or brands that you recommend?  Open to ideas.

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