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You came and went it seems but you left me questioning so muh about myself and others.  Relationships were tested, my convictions and desires questioned.  My soul was left to muddle through the fragments of who I thought I was and wanted to be.  Could it be the year I arrived at 30 to be a year of monumental discovery?  Could it be the time constraints of being a mama to three that left me with little self reflection?  Could it be an illness that left me emotionally and physically weak?

This mama has found her way.  The word l'eau, water, helped me flow.  I took each challenge and question, and allowed my body to feel and react.  Tired of the pressure of society and personal and familial expectation, I lived in my most present state yet.

This year, after rolling with the waves of life, I am choosing to rise from Le Feu.  There exists a passion, a fire within.  I want to live more in the moments of this life with desire, spontaneity, full on love.  There are endless projects and ideas that my heart yearns to start and complete.  To love my children with a warmth an intensity.  

This year, I hope will be my greatest and I hope you all will help ignite that flame under me to rise to the challenge for this soul is ready.
Art by: http://chuckgroenink.tumblr.com/post/28544889460/favourite-bit-from-an-illustration-i-just-did
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