Water Challenge: 80-100 oz. a day

On Monday I start a 30 day water challenge (80 - 100 oz. a day) that I am hoping will extend to forever.  Enjoy these images from my pinterest board entitled "water" to inspire....

This is an etsy print from Antique Wall Art

Are you ready to transform your body and mind?


  1. I love all these images, I just repinned a lot of them. :) The water challenge has changed my life, ever since I took that first Daughters of the Earth course with LE, my water intake has so much better. I always thought I was getting enough, but after I upped to 100 oz a day, it was life changing. I never realized how dehydrated I really was.

  2. Yeah! LE is amazing and I totally agree with everything you are stating. The first water challenge really changed me and I fell off the wagon a bit. Mostly due to personal stress and my love of coffee. But it is amazing to renew my body in this way. My word for the year is L'eau. Water is life and sustains. xo thanks for commenting Hollie, much appreciated and honoured


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