SEEKING: Babes with Blogs


Babes with Blogs!  Now before you get your feminist knickers in a knot, the word Babe for me conjures up positives.  I often use the word to describe my Loves, the Babes, here on the blog.  They are full of purity, life, light, love.  We connect and I see nothing but greatness in them.  The other Babes whom I am seeking: you are strong, independent, innovative, go-getters and for that, you are Babe-a-licious...and I am seeking you.  

Blogging for me has been life changing.  My blog started with a desire to share that which I love most (my Babes) with those close family members who couldn't physically see us each and every day.  It was a way to document the small yet significant milestones in our little Mess of a life.  Through my almost five year journey, the blog has evolved from its humble beginnings.  But the journey and ride has been oh so cool.  I have made friends, opened my mind and eyes  to the beauty and lives of others, documenting their little lives.  I love women, supporting them and following them.  And I would love to highlight all the amazing things you are doing!  I want to share your little piece of the world, your story, with those that love this little space.  

The feature, to start within the next two weeks at latest, will highlight "BABES with BLOGS".  Once you submit your interest to themessinmessenger@gmail.com I will send you a small standardized questionnaire to email back.  The questions may be standard but your answers can be anything but.  I really want to highlight your amazingness, your pursuits, your individual Babe-ness.  The only other thing I will require of you is to submit a portrait of yourself blogging in your usual blogging space

So again send your interest to the email link above and I can't wait to connect with you.  STAY TUNED FOR THE FIRST BABE WITH A BLOG.  SHE IS AWESOME!  AND NO, IT ISN'T ME.


  1. LOVE THIS. Emailing.


  2. Your blog is so inspiring Meggs!

  3. Yeah Christine! I actually wanted you to be my first Babe!

  4. LOVE this!!! :) Emailing :)

  5. This is awesome, I am emailing!

  6. What a great idea! I just emailed. [:


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