This Little Blog of Mine...I'm Gonna Let it Shine

The upcoming week, I feel, will be an epic sort of rebirth for me and the blog.  For some people, this little space may seem so insignificant.  I "write" about the happenings of my babes and random thoughts.  Sporadically I post about those cute crafty things that ignite my being.  I didn't create them.  But someone did and they make me happy.  It is an egocentric place where I indulge in things that some may call fluffy.  Occasionally, I draw attention to that which makes me righteous.  But that has subsided and the aesthetically pleasing content prevails.

It may seem quirky, nonsensical and unimportant...but you see, it makes me HAPPY!!  This little space started as a place to share about the joys of motherhood.  But it has transformed into a place that is mine.  It is a part of my identity and some may call it ridiculous.  Who am I to share that which I hold close with those I don't (excluding those people whom I love dearly)?  Truth is.  I'm not really anyone important.  At least in the grand scheme of things, universally speaking.

But to three little Babes...I AM THE UNIVERSE.  Their universe is full of love from a mama with unwavering encouragement and trust in their little curiosities.  Their Mama is full of happiness because I am able to express that happiness in my little corner of the universe.

My blog is a place for me to be me: reflect, nurture, love, imagine, virtually dance, compose, piece together fragmented thoughts.  It has become my space.  My happy place.

And...a happy place is all I need to be that which is me:  MAMA.


The Mama


  1. I love visiting your little space, keep on sharing!!

  2. Hollie you are so amazing! You don't understand how much I love your comments. They make me smile and feel like what I'm doing is worthwhile. I need pick me ups!

  3. What a beautiful and touching introduction to your new 'space'. I love reading and enveloping myself in your tranquility (as my 2 boys make sure I have none of that at home now!).
    PS:"But to three little Babes...I AM THE UNIVERSE." Truer words were never spoken - Doesn't it rock to be a mama!

  4. I have to carve our my tranquility Terri. I love knowing you step into my space ever now and then. Makes me feel so connected. xoxo And yes it rocks being a mama MAMA!


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