Today we had a special 8 year old guest in our home and I thought what better way to welcome her to our house than make amazing cupcakes to decorate and snack on. The ingredients were simple and incorporated agave syrup that was recently brought back from Arizona from the G-units. I love preparing delicious vegan treats for non-vegans. We never desire conversion because we respect others food choices. But it is fun to let the Babes' friends experience a little part of our life in such a delicious way.

This recipe can be found on page 190 of The Kind Diet, one of my vegan bibles written by the animal activist and actress Alicia Silverstone. Each week I will be tackling recipes from her book and discussing veganism. Once the recipes are completed I will be looking for suggestions on the next recipe book to tackle which will also incorporate a contest. But that is for later my sweets.

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