A little over a year ago we left the big city of Montreal to come live in a small town. The g-units were our go to peeps in finding an apartment as it was difficult to look at properties while the Papa worked and we lived 4 hours away. They happened upon an apartment that was being rented by an amazing midwife and a partner who was studying carpentry at the college the Papa was to be studying at. They had a young daughter about the Eldest Babe's age. The apartment was filled with all things we loved: wooden toys, simple design, high ceilings and an exposed brick wall that we didn't find in MTL. They downplayed the apartment thinking that they were injecting too much of themselves into it. But they sent us the images via email and we literally raced to view the apartment and finally rent it.

Funny thing is...that midwife turned out to be one of my fave midwives and the woman who birthed my daughter. Reminds us that Ottawa / Canada is actually really small. Now we are trying to infuse a little bit of ourselves into the apartment which I always find a bit difficult because:

a) I am not a designer and love everything symmetrical
b) Hard to think about getting settled when all we desire is a house
c) we never really think it is "ours" to change

But now we are embracing it and the Papa, the other day, strung these lights in the window. They are mainly for Christmas but I like the mood lighting.

What do you think?

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