There seems to exist several myths about being a MAMA & STYLISH that I do not like.

1. Heels in public with your kids a major no-no.
2. If you have enough time to take care of your presentability and actually match something together, your children's live are falling at the wayside and you truly haven't embraced all that is motherhood.
3. You are young and foolish.
4. You are spending lots of DOH!

Well, I need heels to make it through my day. I actually find by wearing them I am reaching my full potential in height that I think genetics denied me but my mind always believed I had the right to. They are also great for the calf muscles when you can't get to the gym.

As for embracing motherhood: this mother's life is enlightened, encompassed and engulfed by children who guide, inspire and fulfill my dreams. I wait always until my children are fully dressed and occupied with an activity before I whisk myself away to get ready for 10 minutes - YES! I actually only take 10 minutes to dress and put my makeup on. Years of practice and perfecting.

I may be young but I am not foolish. I believe that experience, openness and the willingness to learn is more important than age. I embrace motherhood and me dressing the way I do (possibly seen as juvenile to some, fashion forward to most...I really don't know) reflects my desire to express myself and the unwillingness to let those expressions die with being a mother. I enjoy what I enjoy, part of that fashion and I think it is important to express that sense of self and style to my Babes.

Lastly, if you think I am spending our money frivolously on clothes when I'd rather be investing in the education and welfare of my Babes...you are mistaken. All things I wear are years old, hand-me downs, vintage or clothing swap finds.

So...without further adieu. This is the new section on my blog:


A simple picture and description about what hand-me down, thrifty finds I decided to match with my only 4 pairs of shoes.

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