I am known in my family as a really great gift giver. I appreciate the compliment greatly. To me finding the perfect gift for the someone you care for fills them with so much joy because they can truly see the depth of thought that went into it. Now, it isn't always easy. There are those amazingly selfless people who never drop any hint of what they need because they are so content with everything they have (love you Mom!). But most of us are generally consistent and have a hobby or interest that can guide gift making or purchasing.

First up...let's tackle the Tattooed Mama. Basically it is a list of things I think a tattooed mama like myself would enjoy...HINT. HINT.

1. blythe doll / 2. cupcake provocateur apron / 3. cutie dynamite hair clip /
4. forever 21 graphic comic tee / 5. ihirst replication crystal skull /
6. keep calm and zombie on poster / 7. my fave artiste Kelli Murray piece /
8. tattoo zombie inspired tee by megan lara / 9. pinky toast stocking
10. a new tat ... this one by spencer kmyta from captain's tattoo

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Do you know Angelina Wrona? If you don't, I think you have to get acquainted with her work. http://www.angelinawrona.ca/ She's from Merrickville and opened a gallery there last spring... http://www.anarchygallery.com/

    Just in case you want to add more to your list :)

  2. That is awesome. Do you know her personally? I have seen her work once before but it is amazing and tattoo worthy...hehehe


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