I don't make apologies for anything, especially my values and the way I raise my children. It seems through the grapevine, a very short one in this small town it seems, that I offended certain people with a particular statement. I am not going to clarify at all on the worldwide web, a forum for free speech that is available for everyone to view. Yes! You may be surprised that I know that fact. Anyone can read what I write. Anyone is also free to comment. And if you comment or are offended I will address you. Not so into random clicks on facebook by offended people I don't know who discuss me in private and stew in anger towards me.

For those of you who are my friends, most of you meat-eating, Disney watching, pink for girls and blue for boys (although I am into putting pink on my girls because it is originally a colour representing strength and I am taking it back), you know I love all parts of you. I also know that you know definitely about my family background, my life experiences, my values and my views on the world. I find it quite amusing how I have been praised for speaking my mind, yet when I do and it offends you, you sit back, open no avenue for debate and judge me.

I don't lead a life in false friendships or relationships. I however, take great offence to people who I have become friends with avoiding discussion about something that may have offended them. It seems that I have presented possibly i-am-sitting-from-my-ivory-tower-judging image.

I have been keeping this blog for 3 years, literally from the moments Charlotte first entered the world. It is a blog that is meant to be shared with family and friends. I have only kept it open to the "public" per se because I am also a trained Doula and have offered many of my trained views. I also come from the world of media and communications. I have been highly trained in these areas and have intelligent views on how to communicate, how to mediate, how to approach a world of mixed messages and come out unscathed.

I never understood the talking amongst others and not approaching them. I have constantly encountered this through most of my life. The people who continue to support me. I thank you. You know who you are but I feel I must mention a few: El and John for loving the Earth, my girls and me. Tonya and Dusan who are raising a beautiful Zari who is fearless, wonderful, and ethereal. Mom and Dad for loving me for loving their son. My Alyssa, the godmother to my children. My sister for knowing the true me...all parts...and loving me anyway.

I refuse to close this blog or keep it password protected because of some who may be offended. Please before you pass the same judgment on me that you feel I am passing on you, ask why you feel the way you do? Think about who you may think I am. If you don't, ask me. You may be surprised about what you don't know about me. And if you don't like me or the blog or my girls. Spend your time clicking elsewhere.


The Mama, still, forever, loving

P.S. I can't stop thinking about you El and you Tonya. I love you muchly...you know why

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  1. I hope that those who are reading your blog and judging you harshly on views they don't fully understand will take a moment to ask themselves: why do I CARE? You just keep doing what you're doing, and trust that for every ignorant comment there are hoards of silent supporters who are also busy living and loving and minding their own damn business.


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