I must admit as of recent I have been a bit overwhelmed, but in a great way. I have been busy immersing myself in environmental and nutritional reads, dreaming about a much needed vacation (that we finally get to take - YEAH!), cleaning the endless MESS, and designing a curriculum for my biggest Babe. That being said, I have also been more confident in my choice to keep the Babes at home with me and work with them on creating days and memories filled with an abundance of love for them, the earth, and our spirits. Although I am very much still in the curriculum collecting phase of this project (mainly with regards to finding books to help the Mama figure out how to be less of a Mess), I did stumble upon an online learning institute that I am now part of. They provide curriculums and online learning for both children and their nurturers set in Waldorf methods. The 423 page guide is a blessing as it provides a list of materials, projects, stories, and activities each month. It also is not structured and its flexibility allows me to choose which stories I feel are appropriate and which projects as well. It basically lends itself to the flow of our day, I think the main reason why our biggest Babe is so amazing! I will continue to blog about our days but now I feel such a relief knowing that I won't have to spend my time designing a lengthy curriculum and missing out on precious time with my Babes.


The Mama

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