Charlotte (or should I say Charlie, as per your preference):

As you slept soundly in your bedroom of wonder and dreams, I snuck away to a secret place. Hidden away in my closet is a box full of photos of your smile, laugh, character. It is not too often that I am compelled to go to that place, for I am so in love with your presence. But on the eve of your third revolution around the sun, I yearned to see that baby face. You see, every moment captured on film or stored away in my memory has led to the creation of the being that graces our everyday.

The pudgy little Char-latte grew into a girl full of questions, wonderment, joy, playfulness, independence and utter expression of love. The few moments that The Papa and I spend together are so blessed. THE MOMENTS ARE TALKS OF YOU. And while you may in the future find it disrespectful to talk about you not in your presence, the talks are of our amazement and love. Your relationship with a sister not always willing to participate, has blossomed. We see tender touches and kind words to your "sweety". You offer her care and love and kisses. She is your best friend. When in situations where another may invade her precious space, you are quick to intervene. Never forcefully mind you. You simply put your arms around her and ask her if she is okay, as if to say "she's mine, so better back away."

You are an orchid my love, taking a little longer than most to bloom. Never rushed by others, you have always felt confident to take your time. You often spend hours working on "projects", ripping paper, reading or drawing. The friends you have are few and are held close to your heart. You value your relationship with Zari and your words are always kind. When trust is established your little soul soars and others I believe are honoured.

As you grow, so to will our relationship. I look forward to entrusting you with myself and loving you unconditionally, eternally. Writing this post is bittersweet for me as I learn to let go of the baby girl I will always know, but embrace the growth of a girl that will continue.

My love...you truly are my life. Your birth truly was the birth of my life, a birth of my sense of self.

So on this day, let me impart these wishes to you:

I wish for you to have the strength to maintain your thoughts and express them
I wish for you to trust yourself wholly
I wish for you to be all that you are and never apologize
I wish for you to continue to experience love from others and more importantly yourself
I wish for you a clean earth and a world devoted to respect
I wish for you food that nourishes
I wish for you moments of peace


The Mama

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