For several months I have not written in this blog, my dear blog of my dears. I was struggling internally, not with demons, but with purpose. Our lives in the last year had become overwhelming. I no longer was using the computer as a tool but as a means to numb the bouts of boredom. I began to justify my evening use as a means of finding inspiration but who was I kidding. My already jumbled mind was becoming more jumbled. Held back by guilt of spending our student income on a multitude of crafts for the multiple ideas I had, I restrained from putting any of my ideas into motion, which in turn led to more jumbled ideas. The babes were doing so much but our camera was primarily being used for educational purposes. So, index finger in hand (pun intended), I clicked on the good ol' return button on my MAC to send out a message to the virtual world that the creator, CEO and mama would be taking a hiatus.

The hiatus was full of reflection and new directions (not the competitive band from GLEE but the life kind). I discovered the thoughts that truly occupied my mind: education, stimulation and creation in the lives of the babes; the ecology and nutrition of food; my role as mother in facilitating happiness; reducing our carbon footprint.

Hence, the new "The Mess in Messenger". The blog will be dedicated to my loves of course: The Babes. I plan on consistently posting to several sections:

* The Reading Rainbow:

This section will be an ongoing list of books for young ones that have opened our eyes as well as a list of The Mama's fave reads

* Flickr:

Of course! Pictures of The Babes! To capture those moments.

* Gratitude:

We will share each Friday our gratitude. This was an idea taken from Soulemama. Although I plan to implement gratitude into our daily lives, I thought it would be nice to share these moments with our fans.

* Amazing Things as of Recent:

Words, actions, amazingness of recent

* Lessons to my Girls:

My limited time here on earth has been full of lessons. I plan to share that which I have learned with my babes. My words are heartfelt, sincere and full of good intentions. I realize that each journey is full of mistakes and I hope that by sharing mine, as well as my triumphs, you flourish.

The blog, although I dedicate to the inspiration I find in little lives, will also be dedicated to The Mess. I strive, as most mothers do, to creating a world the most positive to our children. However, the mess (the jumbled thoughts, lack of time, desire for autonomy, baggage, and lack of know-how) gets in the way. I have decided to take the guidance of immersed, knowledgeable, crafty, earthy women and infuse their inspiration, words and practices into our lives to the point where I begin to become the Mama I desire to be.

I have decided to craft/create, reduce, reuse, refurbish, nourish, educate and liberate. I will document the process: 1) to better organize the jumble 2) to share the honest project and 3) to love.

Please enjoy, love, learn!

xo and Love to All,

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