R.I.P Lorax: ADOPTED Sept. 14th, 2010 - October 2, 2010

The Last picture I took of Lorax about an hour she decided to "sleep forever". I took the photo because she was the most vital I had ever seen her in her short little life with us.
A Blanket wrapping Lorax from Eabha...oh how I wanted to be that blanket
A little silliness
What little weezy loved to do best? Be near others.

Dear Girls,

Yesterday was a hard one. Although Lorax was doing exceptionally well the past few days, she fell ill quickly and slept forever in my arms. When you are older you may not remember her, being so young. But I do, I remember every moment with her. The first time Daddy brought her home, the way she explored the house after being released from the hospital. Charlotte you gave her her first hug and kiss. She desperately wanted to be around us and loved us all. She definitely had an infinity towards me, always looking to cuddle and lay on my bum as I computed. When you slept Charlotte she cuddled with you and Harriet, when you grabbed clumps of her hair in your head, she allowed it. It was a combination of her weakness, innocence and love for you.

Lorax you have shown me so much and you gone has left the house eerily quiet. I feel like there is a spirit gone. As I recover from this loss (a hard one for me) Girls, I will do some research on how to approach this issue of passing on that our society has made so taboo and relish in those things that were and will be. This experience was a profound one for your Mama. I am still experiencing various emotions. I hope from seeing me cry you can appreciate the importance of freeing and sharing your emotions and realize that I will always be here to heed your burden.



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