Pre-Happy Halloween and Fall Celebrations

Mama's Next Tattoo perhaps?

So scary!
The best child's book eva...Completely dedicated to PUMPKINS!
A collaborative project between Mama and Charlotte
Invitation...Thanks Marina

The base for Charlotte's Costume
"Please don't eat me!"
Applesauce apples

As most of you all know, we will be getting hitched this Sunday which also happens to be Halloween. So as a lead up to the day we have been doing some Halloween activities around the house to "make up" for missing the day due to the formal wedding. Eventhough it will be one of the happiest days in our family history, we still wanted the girls to experience most Halloween activities. Hence we have done a lot.

Allen spent a weekend away with the boyz for his Bachelor's party and returned with a bushel or three of apples. Allen tediously prepared the apples and I made applesauce. Charlotte helped by throwing the apples and bruising them. We also played a great game of "throw-the-apple-and-catch-on-a-fork" - CLASSIC!!

PUMPKINS are a FALL ESSENTIAL. We bought miniature pumpkins and decorated them with markers. We also signed out a library book about all things pumpkins. I am loving this book in particular because it is my dream to have a pumpkin patch and bee hives. From other pumpkins we have made pies and harvested seeds to plant next year.

The library is our sanctuary and we have signed out many ghoulish stories. Gris Grimly is our fave illustrator so we just had to sign out his book dedicated to the work of Edgar Allen Poe.
Marina the librarian will be hosting a party for the little Terrific Two group on Wednesday. I have started Charlotte's and Harriet's costumes. Any guesses?

There will definitely be more to come since it is a fun-filled week. SO STAY TUNED...IF YOU DARE!!! MUAH!!!

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