We are really enjoying our days together and our schedule. We awake together to have breakfast with Daddy, something we hadn't done for so long. The day begins with embraces, kisses, and deliciousness -- great combination. I or Daddy begin to heat up Harriet's food and Charlotte races to the kitchen bottom drawer because, as per usual, I forgot the bib.

Our Mondays are spent together while Daddy goes to school. Playing and dancing are a first, followed by a read of several books all chosen by Charlotte. To distract you Harriet, Charlotte races off to get you a toy, but one she is willing to share. No kitty cats or puzzles for you...just a block and a thoroughly enjoyed book.

We head over to the park and the fun begins. Tuesdays and Wednesdays consistently are filled with library joy. Charlotte picks out the "flowers" - plastic units with prongs on each star point for interlocking. The fun cannot begin until a full flower train has been completed. The books are the best part. So many!!! We cannot leave until we have picked out at least three and we cannot Chariot by without "wait for open" (so I am sure to pick out the times to go by when I know it will be open for sure).

Books that we have read include:

Dr. Seuss's:
Horton Hears a Who
Yertle the Turtle
If I ran the Zoo
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Lorax - the book which gave our kitty it's name
Oh the Places You'll Go!! - isn't that the truth!!

Robert Munsch's:

Moira's Birthday

Nursery Rhymes, Anything by Sandra Boynton, A Farmer's Alphabet, A Book about Counting through the experience of an African family.

Being at the library is amazing for me. To watch you fall in love with books and use your imagination is amazing. The experience is profound.

My love for you is deep, obviously. With your births I discovered a passion for parenting, education and experience. I want you to experience the world deeply and truly. I want nature to be part of your everyday and love to be a part of you. Mostly I want you to be strong enough to stand apart from the crowd and believe enough in yourselves and your dreams that you inspire others and lead them along a path of fulfillment.

I picture a world where people speak with their hearts, eyes and voices compassionately, rather than resorting to violence because of ignorance. A place where you can love and not be judged. A place where your imagination runs wild and no one threatens its existence. A place where parents don't discuss the successes and future of their children to validate themselves, but don't discuss the successes and future of their children because they are immersed in the present.


And I will try my best.




You have amazed me this week. You are so positive and happy and when you are not I just want to comfort you. You love to help in any way you can and are always offering me breaks, kisses, and food. You get your sister a bib at each meal and toys when she needs to be comforted. You help with the laundry and if you make a mess, hurry to clean it up. You love to be startled, both in the house and with the tiger at the house by the bridge.

You know you are not supposed to eat dog food but you sneakily attempt to.
You tried to get me to put Harriet down in various places around the park (stairs, tunnel, hill, gravel) so we could slide together. You smacked me in the face when you didn't like what I said, but realizing your folly rushed to hug me, kiss me and tell me that you love me.

When you were pushed in the park by a toddler named Lucy that looked similar to you, you thought it was a joke at first. It broke my heart as I watched your expression change from happiness to confusion to fear. You were distraught and not used to being pushed around. I tried to explain how some younger people may not fully know how to use their voices and use their hands to communicate.

But when we got home we discussed that no one should ever make us feel bad...EVER!! If we don't like the way someone treats us we have the right and power to say "No, I don't like that".


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