On Tuesday, while Allen was walking home from school he found a little kitty in distress. He brought her home and she was just frightening to look at. Her face was covered in blood, left eye covered with an abscess, claws filed down, whiskers singed, congested, dirty, covered in burrs and weighing less than a pound. You could feel all her BONES!!! Immediately we took her to the local veterinary clinic. The prognosis didn't seem well. Charlotte wondered daily about the "sick cat" who was going to "feel better". But after 4 days of observation we were able to take her home. She had been eating well, urinating and her congestion will remain but treated. She remains thin and frail, unable to jump up, but she is loving and loves us. She sleeps in our bed but can mostly be found in the sun (she has no fat on her body and this is how she stays warm).

As for the name LORAX: it is the title of a Dr.Seuss book we have been reading to Charlotte daily. The Lorax (a mangy orange thing - similarly to our kitty) is a protector of Swamee Swans and Truffula Trees. A Once-ler uses all of their environment's resources to make Thneeds, causing the inhabitants to all flee this smoggy destroyed land.

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