DEAR Charlotte

My Love,

I look back on our past few weeks together with fondness. It seems since our move to this small town that has become our home, you have blossomed. You were always a curious child, as most children are. But somehow the quiet streets, friendly folks, spacious Stewart Park and children centred library has aided in a different kind of free spirit.

Your eyes widen when you return from a walk with Dada. Sometimes you are so excited that you are at a loss for words and use actions and exuberance to explain. We can all see the images passing through your little mind, you searching for the words that you have yet to learn but are coming so fast.

My days are filled with smiles, hugs, "I love you Mum"s, "come on"s, and "oh Thanks"s. You are amazing to watch. Some people look harshly upon those who live vicariously through their children's experiences. I live through your world and I am being introduced to a childhood innocence that I never had. Through your eyes, I see the world as a different, caring place, one that, although has its many faults, is beautiful.

You have little fear. You take risks and test boundaries only to test yourself. Challenge doesn't frighten you, rather excites you. As you climb the scariest structure and usher me away, I at once am proud but dread the day when you may not want me to be there as you experience these moments (although I will always be there).

So my love:

- continue to face the day with open-mindedness (for you have open my mind).
- be daring and confident enough to do that which scares you
- embrace yourself and all that makes you "AMAZING"
- continue to show me that which makes this life beautiful



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