After a difficult Saturday night, due to Mama's cold and Charlotte's non-sleeping which led to a 3 AM Chariot Ride, we had a great SUNDAY! The G-Units came with the boat and gave us a little spin up the Tay. Although Charlotte was so excited, Harriet was less than amused. We stopped at the first set of locks where we stretched our legs, I climbed down them and Allen and Charlotte checked out an interested Tug Boat.

We finished our trip and were just about to head out and got a phone call from Grandma. There was an issue with the parking brake and getting the boat out of the water was gonna be an issue. But Dada saved the day! (He has no issue telling me how great he is ;) - and I have no issue agreeing).

After the boat was loaded we headed to Ottawa for Cupcake Camp 2.0. We were only about 5 minutes late and almost ALL the CUPCAKES WERE GONE. (For a review see my blog at www.bad-little-spice.blogspot.com)

After maximum gluttony, we headed over to Pom Pom to visit my love Alyssa briefly. All in all, a great day.

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