EL'S Casual Birth Blessing

Charlotte picked these flowers in the Park
A knitted blanket by Norma for the new baby
Organic Baby bum essentials from Amanda
Eabha helping to open a gift

Shot taken by Eabha
Auntie Loo's vegan Walnut Cake being eaten

Yesterday our fam, plus the lovely Amanda and Alex, met at our house in Perth for a get together in celebration of the new Baby Price. The baby will be arriving in a little over a month and a half (around the time of the wedding and my birthday) but we thought that we should all get together before that time to bestow some gifts, love and blessings upon the Price family.

Brunch was a potluck full of roasted potats, vegan cinnamon buns, fruit kabobs, vegan quiche, bagels, wine and juice. We played a ridiculous game and then walked in Stewart Park where we sat under a willow tree and opened gifts. I hope you enjoyed the day guys.

Your Loves

The Griers

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