Easter Weekend Fun!!

This weekend we headed home to Ottawa for Easter weekend, but I forgot my camera so a written description is going to have to do. On Friday morning, Harriet and I headed out for a delicious cafe mocha which she needed after the long drive Thursday night. The weather was absolutely beautiful. John D., El and Eabha came over for brunch and with them they brought delicious pancakes and chumpcakes (chocolate chip pumpkin muffins which I plan on making in large quantities for the wedding ;) ). Aunty El wanted to have the deliciousness outside on the patio and it was great. We all chatted and ate while Zari entertained Charlotte. It all ended with a dirty pond water splash.

On Saturday, the weather was insanely hot but sooo welcomed. Harriet, Allen and I headed up to Bank Street to complete a few errands. We needed to get some Easter treats and dog food. It was only the second time that Harriet had gone without a cover over her. She was experiencing the weather first hand. In the afternoon we headed to the park which was buzzing and after dinner at Gampa and Gama's we went to the Clocktower to meet Aunty Miriam. She gave the girls beautiful cards, bunnies and a little something something for their piggy banks.

On Sunday we went over to Aunty Ashley's (her little belly is no more). Uncle Ro made us vegan burgs while Anthony and Charlotte headed over to the park to fly their first kite. For dinner we presented Charlotte with a German paper mache egg full of toys and candy. The look upon her face was so magical. Wide eyed and open mouthed. Awes and ohs.

Love you girls and thanks for everyone for their kindness and hospitality this weekend


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