Charlottes Words at 20 months

Thank you, welcome, bye,El, Grandpa, Grandma, Alley, Daddy, Anthony, Eabha, Ashley, Mommy, Asha, Bailey, Oranges, cranberries, berries, juice, crackers, apple, broccoli, dip, poo, dance, more, baby, cup, teddy bear, , dog, cat, elephant, gorilla, plane, bunny, neigh, moo, cow, pig, chicken, goose, geese, shoes, boots, snowsuit, hat, sweater, pants which sounds like piss, socks, truck, car, bus, boom, hold, hard, stuck, eyes, nose, heavy, mouth, belly, fart, bum, feet, knee, head, hair, stem, flowers, doggy, puppy, bone, apple, beans, pumpkin, fork, uh-oh, no-no, knife, love, pat, roll, slippy, funny, happy, sad, mean, nice, spin, dizzy, stop, bike, dirty, paint, colors, markers, pull, ball, kick, throw, catch, stick, open, soup's on, A, B, C, F, H, I, M, P, W (double), Z, me, sun, bright, blind, tea, coffee, milk, sand, snow, water, bath, tub, cloth, snap, sleep, careful, Harriet (which sounds like Hate it), sand, open, close, Street (for Sesame street), Elmo, scary

I have tried to remember them all but I am sure I am missing some...

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