Dear Charlotte

Well my dear, you amaze me each and every day. Last week was an amazing one. We were in Ottawa to visit Aunty Ashley. She was having a baby shower for the new baby Elina, to arrive in June. After awaking in the morning and waking Grandpa up, we headed up to Bank street from Grandma and Grandpa's house to go looking for a tricycle for you at Daddy's old school, Hopewell.

There were many bikes to choose from. I fell in love with a vintage bike for a girl probably around three years old. Daddy and Grandpa were having fun testing out a variety of bikes and their quality. I was busy drinking coffee, slinging Harriet and chatting with Grandma. You were so cute! Your little heart was set on a specific bike. Within fifteen minutes, our friends Tonya and Ducsan and their son Zari. Zari thinks you are amazing and enjoyed asking you if he should test out various bikes, which he did.

Apres set excursion, we went to Aunt Ashley's house. You fell asleep in the car and ended up being carried up to Anthony's bedroom. It was so cute to see the two cousins deep in slumber, dreaming their little baby dreams. You love Anthony!

The next day was filled with more fun. Aunty El, John D. and Eabha headed over for some brunch. Afterwards we headed to the park. You ran excitedly around while the family flew kites. Eabha spun you around and you seemed to get a kick out of it.

We had to leave the G-Units on Sunday night and head back to Montreal. It was sad but I had a nice week lined up. We spent the week going to the library. Harriet you were adorable and always so sleepy! (The best part about slinging). We picked out several books and I got a library card. We also happened to have a play date with Hailey and Hannah. While you guys played, Hailey and I chatted. She is a great, hippy mum and I love it.

On Friday night we got an unexpected visit from our friend Ricci, an Ottawa rookie messenger. He crashed at our place for the night after a bike film festival. Today he returned with my bike to play with you, have dinner and then hit the road. You definitely are a fan of him!

Love you girls so much and look forward to spending my days and life with you.



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