Dear Charlotte

You are amazing
You are wonderful
You are awe-inspiring
You are my world

Each day I am awoken by your beautiful smile. You are eager to get "nanas" and watch some "street" (Sesame Street). Elmo has become a fave and that darn Count is just scary. We let you watch a bit but then we pull you away to get dressed and go to the park. Our days are quiet but we do have fun. You race around the house encouraging me to spin and dance. You love to paint and the easel in the centre of the living area is such an inspiration to me. We recently made a fort from a quilt and called it our castle. You love it!!

Reading...reading...and more reading! You seem to make any book come alive with your enthusiasm to show me the pictures and recite the text, which you seem to have memorized. Singing is also a fave. You "row, row" and "pat-a-cake" with the best of them. You actually do know all the actions for these songs and it amazes me. Often you change the lyrics of "pat-a-cake". You try and put a cake in the oven for everybody. Usually it is Harriet, but Daddy, Alley and I usually get a turn to eat too.

We recently met a neighbour in the park named Hailey. She has a daughter named Hannah. We had met Hailey once a while back. She is pregnant with her second child and became sick so they weren't at the park that much. Hannah apparently had been asking about you every day since she saw you. Both of you are the cutest characters. You are both really shy but wanting to play with each other. Play dates are in the works.

You attempted to get clothes and the cup for your sister but ended up spilling the entire cup on you. Just when you thought it was finished you tipped your hand again and poured it on your head once more. I told Daddy of the incident, play by play, and you seemed to know that I was talking about you and it embarrassed you. It was such a horrible moment for me to see the little shame in your eyes and know that I had caused that. You are such an aware being and I need to respect your intelligence. It will never happen again my dear.

We can tell that you will be able to sing because you imitate your sister so well. You also can pick up the words of a song that I sing in passing and you play the harmonica so well. Music will definitely be a part of our life.

Each Tuesday I go to Club Organic for groceries and I let you tag along. They have a beautiful place full of toys. You race there to pick up your baby doll and cart her around the place. It is absolutely magical to see you care for something. (Recently you asked for me to put a diaper on your bunny rabbit, Cabbage Patch girl always gets to ride on your bike and your sister is always being cleaned.)

All in all, we have fun. I love you dearly and can't wait to explore the world again through your eyes.

xoxoxo Mommy Dearest

P.S. Watch out for Daddy's zombie book.

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