This was one of my favourite days as the weather started out a little yucky and quickly turned into one of the warmest days of our trips.  We also got to explore several of the it places for our family and probably other families as well.

When we booked this trip, we failed to realize that it was Lollapalooza weekend.  It is a big tourist weekend for the city and we were told to avoid Millennium Park and Grant Park like the plague, at least on the weekend.  We took this advice to heart and ventured there when it was a bit quieter.  The start of the day began with a visit to the Bean.  It was really cool and much bigger than I imagined.  The reflection and inside of the Bean was magical and reminded me of some spaceship from out of this world.  The babes loved it because they ran free.

We were drawn into Grant Park by really beautiful music.  We followed it to find the Orchestra practising for free in the park for a free show they were to put on later on in the week.  It was a lovely treat.  I got to rest (I was really feeling pregnant this day).  The girls did cartwheels on the grass.  It was so lovely to see their free spirits soar in a place that they didn't call home.  In a matter of minutes, it seemed as though the weather changed.  The clouds disappeared and the sun shone with an intensity that was blinding and a bit uncomfortable.

Needing a change and food, we found a delicious restaurant on the outside of the park.  The soup, fresh bread and lemonade hit the spot and gave us the motivation to return to the park.  It was such a good idea.  Kids were frolicking in this amazing fountain.  On either end of the park there were these tall fountains.  On them were projected the faces of people.  They would slowly awake and then "spit" water on the kids.  The girls raced around in there undies...until a security guy on a Segway told them they couldn't.  We got in a good half hour though.

From there we went to the central library to relax our minds and bodies.  It was interesting for me because my favourite place in the world is my town library.  It is where my mind is calm, free and happy.  This library gave me really weird vibes.  It was really uncomfortable, literally and figuratively.  No bean bag chairs or spots to just cozy into.  I noticed the library being very forceful and dismissive when people asked questions.  The roaming security guard packing heat was a bit frightening as well.  The babes didn't seem to notice but I wouldn't head back there again.

The day ended with a trip to the Chicago Diner.  Meat free since '83.  Everything we ate was freakin' awesome.  I got a spicy "chicken" seitan burger with waffle fries.  I am not sure which spices they use on those fries and how on earth they made their dressing but it was stellar!  The Papa ordered a soul bowl.  Gorgeous huh?  The babes got Chocolate Chip milkshakes and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip milkshakes.  Best ever.  We finished with dessert:  "cheese"cake and carrot cake (our favourite).  It was such an experience...that we returned two more times (to be explained in more detail on my Travelling with Vegan Kids Post).

Good day!  Wouldn't you say?

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  1. Great Photos Love and you are looking amaze !!! Those waffle fries look sooo good ! I'm excited to see the hostel you stayed at!


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