This post is simply an architecture loaded post.  The papa loved Chicago because of its amazing architecture.  The massive building pictures you see, although I can hardly remember the names of them because I was just admiring the beauty, were taken while aboard an architectural boat tour.  I was hesitant, but it ended up being the best part of our trip.  Our tour guide was super knowledgeable, anecdotal and funny.

The other photos that you may notice were taken on the 150 foot high ferris wheel at Navy Pier.  This is much smaller compared to the 200 foot high wheel that held 2000 riders for the World Fair in the early 1900s (I believe).  It still frightened me nonetheless.  The picture in which the Papa is laughing and grabbing Harri Bear's head was taken directly after she poked her head out of the cabin and almost bonked it.  Geez those kids really try to freak me out!

One more part of our trip to go and then a continuation of my traveling series.

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