Charlotte Harlow Laine, my dear eldest babe, celebrated her 6th rotation around the sun a couple weeks ago.  It is amazing to see how much she has grown.  From the tiniest of babes to the vocal, funny girl that frolics about so freely.  With her birth, I instantly became a mother.  She has brought me so much joy through her existence.  To watch your babe grow and transform is sheer magic.

The little hands are a bit bigger.  Her teeth that took so long to emerge are now starting to wiggle.  Her feet sometimes make her clumsy but they are so cute with her sparkly blue polish.  The hair that once was a single curly cue is now luscious.  She wouldn't have it any other way.

My daughter is her own little person with own ideas and thoughts.  I want nothing to dress her in black.  She wants nothing but blue.  I would love her to join a sports team.  She wants to sit in her room and make 100 necklaces and finger knit.  I would love for her to start reading.  She wants us to read to her and decide for herself when she will pick it up.  I want to live on a farm.  She wants me to live on that farm.

Time truly passes by in the blink of an eye.  But I have been fortunate to spend almost every day of her existence with her.  I have had the distinct pleasure of watching her grow and having her shape me into a better person.  Her sensitive nature has allowed me to become more sensitive and patient.  Her smile has lightened my day and load.  Her old soul has grounded me.  

Dear girl, you truly are a gift in our lives.  I can't wait to spend each moment with you.  

My birthday wishes for you:

1.  To explore the world carefree and unafraid.  
2.  To have hope.
3.  To impart your loveliness onto all those you encounter.
4.  To grow strong in yourself, physically, in your heart and in your head.
5.  To remember you are always loved and cherished.
6.  To dance like you don't care.
7.  To care for your sisters and teach them kindness.

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