Today was our official day in our new home after frantically moving and cleaning the old apartment.  It has been exhausting.  For me, I am so worried about getting everything in its place.  I cannot sleep well until this and that are just so.  As I look around at the piles of boxes, the realization that my desire to settle easily may take a long time.  The Papa is exhausted for other reasons.  He literally moved our entire contents of our apartment in eight loads.  I helped a lot with our first but after that I was on baby duty, which is a bit much in itself, considering that nothing is baby proofed yet.  He also was the one who had the pleasure of going back to the old apartment (which I have separated from weeks ago).  He was the one to bid it a fond farewell.  He said goodbye to the home our babes grew up in, the room my babe was born in and their recorded heights on the doorframe.  There was no looking back as he said goodbye.  He left to new memories but it is hard to say goodbye to a place you called home for soooo long.  

Well, the house is a work in progress but today is the start of the most awesomest month of the year VeganMoFo.  Basically it is a month where bloggers dedicate their posts to veganism.  Some people have themed blogs, others share recipes. The support for being vegan is there.  I believe this is my fourth one!!!  So WELCOME!!!  All of my contact information is available on the blog if you wanna connect.  Follow my instagram and also leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.  

For today's post I am gonna talk about the best housewarming gift.  We live in a small town as some of you know.  We love it, except for the fact that amazing vegan fare is hard to find.  You have to travel about an hour to get to Ottawa to experience vegan heaven.  Today we happened to head to Ottawa for business (which I will talk about shortly), so vegan restaurant hopping wasn't in the cards.  

We did our thing and rushed back to meet our friends Em (who is starting a blog soon eeek! ) and Graham.  These two are awesome!!!  Anyways, we ended up stopping at a tool store for my hubby and guess who was there too.  Yep!!  I fell in love with some boxes and Em did too.  I had the idea of putting them up as bookshelves.  We went ahead from the store because the babes were bugging out.  Our friends were close behind.  Next thing we know they are in our foyer with the box I adored full to the brim with vintage finds, handmade aprons for the babes and vegan Thimblecakes cupcakes: tiramisu, double chocolate, s'more, cookie dough and a baby cake.  Yum!!! 

I think we will keep them around.  In other news, I bough this:  




  1. Happy VeganMoFo! And congratulations on your new home -- I hope you and your family make many happy memories here.

  2. I'm super impressed that you're MoFoing in the midst of a move and I would kill for one of those cupcakes right now!


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