As vegan parents to vegan babes it is important to model our veganism as well as involve our babes as much as possible in the preparation, gathering and making of food.  We live in a great community surrounded by local Farms and gardens which I am hoping to be involved in the upcoming growing season, but for now we cook and eat with our babes and to us, it is important.  This morning the Littlest Big Babe helped the Papa in the kitchen with making his Sunday morning pancakes (today is a holiday so we are making them instead).  It is so fun to watch them make messes and feel the ingredients.  I think there is great satisfaction in making something.

Here are my top tips for baking with babes:

1.  If you are new to the idea, pick a day and time each week to bake a simple cookie recipe.

2.  Have all ingredients gathered beforehand and read the recipe so you can better guide them in the process.

3.  Let go of the idea of containing the mess.  It may get messy.

4.  You can write down the recipe for each child and put pictures of the ingredients beside the measurements to visually guide.

5.  Ask them what they enjoy doing.  Everyone has tasks they like.  Let them do those.

6.  Get down to their level or bring them up to yours.

7.  Invest in some baking tools for little hands.  They would definitely enjoy that trip.  



  1. Anonymous10:09:00 AM

    I love posts about cooking with kids! These are some great tips. I have a little niece on the way and I can't wait till she's old enough to hang out in the kitchen and make some yummy vegan treats with me :)

  2. It must be so fun to get your kids into the kitchen and baking!

  3. yes! kids get so much out of helping us in the kitchen. your daughter looks like she is having a blast helping papa! :)


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